Why is My Internet Disconnecting?

Internet and Wi-Fi outages are not only frustrating, but also worrying. These problems are intermittent, so it can be difficult to pinpoint the cause, but not impossible if you know where to look. As a broadband network engineer, I’ve encountered this problem countless times. This guide will help you solve your internet connectivity problems.

I’ll start with some general solutions and look at some potential problems. Don’t miss these problems – most of them are solvable.

Update the router firmware

Updating the router firmware is not that easy – it depends on the brand of router. Automatic updates are only available for certain routers. Instead, you need to download the latest firmware from the company’s website, log into the router, download it and update it.

To get started, you need to find out the IP address of the router and log into your browser. Read my article on how to find the IP address of a wireless access point.

Updating the software

First check that you’re not using an old router that hasn’t been updated in a long time: the company may have released new firmware that provides better performance. Personally, I think this is the most likely cause of your problem, so it’s worth a try. Even if it’s not the cause of your current problem, it’s always good to run firmware on newer hardware.

Routers need a break

People can be very picky about their devices. They expect various digital devices, such as cell phones and laptops, to be constantly on and running at full capacity, whether they are being used or not. Routers are no exception, but they too need a break from time to time.

Troubleshooting lost or intermittent Wi-Fi connections

If you’ve followed the steps in this guide and your Wi-Fi connection is still not working, you can reset your computer or router to factory settings. Make sure you back up your computer data, as all settings and data will be lost if you restore the factory settings. After rebooting, give the router time to configure itself and check the Wi-Fi connection again. If all else fails, contact your internet service provider or use a wireless connection without an internet service provider. For tips on Wi-Fi problems, see 10 ways to improve a weak Wi-Fi signal and Troubleshooting tips if you’re connected to the internet but it’s not working.